Service Overview

Estate planning, probate, inheritance tax and elder law.

Areas of Practice

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Estate Planning

The dinner table will look a lot different in ten years. Our services include comprehensive estate planning, often working closely with your financial advisor and tax advisor. Estate planning includes both providing a plan in the event of your death, but also, and just as importantly, providing for protection in the case of incapacity. To learn more, click here.


Probate is a court proceeding whereby the issues of the Estate are settled and the property of the deceased is distributed according to the Last Will, or according to State law of there is no Last Will.  To learn about our probate services, please click here.

Inheritance Tax

Nebraska is only one of five states that still imposes an inheritance tax. An inheritance tax proceeding is often done with the probate proceeding but oftentimes is done separately if probate is not necessary. To learn more about our services relating to inheritance tax, click here.

Elder Law

Elder law is a relatively new phrase designed to encompass all of the legal issues which surround senior citizens.  A large part of this involves estate-planning, but there are many peripheral issues, such as  Social Security, guardianships and conservatorships. To learn more, click here